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A Standard of Care that Goes Beyond The New Patient.

Changing demographics, innovative technologies, and new business models are working to evolve a new quality of care.

And, yet, within this change there remains one constant—the patient comes first.

The New Patient

is YOUR Patient

Quality of Vision.

Quality of LIFE.

The Challenge: Meeting patients diagnostic needs where they are

More than ever before, aging patients suffer from multiple conditions at the same time, providing additional challenges to health care. Diabetes, Vascular disease, and other chronic conditions often compound the medical decision making needed to optimize care.

These chronic conditions are an everyday reality as medical doctors are on the front lines of managing a number of them, including some of the most prevalent and damaging diseases.

The opportunity to position quality of life diagnostic services that compliment quality of care services is becoming more and more prevalent in health care.  And as our population continues to age, these patients will rely on the care from their team of medical professionals more than ever.


A Valuable Diagnostic Tool For Today
Transcranial Doppler (TCD) testing with HealthxMD

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) testing is an established proven diagnostic for the healthcare community by identifying those who may be at risk for stroke, cardiovascular disease as well as other ocular conditions. Available from HeatlhxMD, an national mobile diagnostic service provider, Transcranial Doppler testing is an ultrasound diagnostic platform that measures the velocity of blood in the ocular and neurovascular systems.

With an innovative, patient as well as practice-centric program requiring no initial investment and minimal disruption to patient flow, a patient can be rapidly evaluated for what could be life altering healthcare conditions in the convenience of your practice.

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What our clients say

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"HealthxMD offers a great opportunity to expand service lines at our Ophthalmology practice."

- Practice Administrator, Louisiana

"The services provided by HealthxMD contributed towards potentially saving two lives the very first week of service. It has become a diagnostic testing tool that ophthalmologists will rely upon."

- Retinal Physician, Florida

"Any time we can enhance care at no cost to the practice, no disruption to the staff, and guaranteed profits… that’s a great service to sign up for."

- Private Equity Partner, Texas