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Getting Started

Are you ready to integrate HealthxMD Transcranial Doppler testing into your practice? Below are the steps for the staged integration of this comprehensive quality of life diagnostic testing platform. Here’s how the HealthxMD onboarding will work.

The first step of adding TCD testing into your practice is to sign your HealthxMD integration agreement. Then the 30-45-day integration period begins.

During the integration period, there will be a series of educational meetings, either onsite or online covering all aspects of TCD.  The HealthxMD team will review everything from the clinical benefits to patient flow, billing/coding, and physician-based peer-to-peer discussions on how to best manage those patients who may need additional follow up based on their diagnostic outcome. 

HealthxMD has contracted with Physician Resources, LTD (PRL) an established national revenue cycle management firm with expertise in billing/coding and compliance.  PRL has an active role in the education and ongoing support of HealthxMD clients. 

Immediately prior to the set “live date,” the HealthxMD team will be onsite answering any remaining staff questions, introducing the dedicated certified Ultrasound Sonographer, and even offering a TCD test to any practice staff members curious about the test.

After the integration period, HealthxMD staff will work shoulder to shoulder with your team for three to five days. After that, our staff will adjust the flow and fix any hiccups that may arise.

We ensure it is not disruptive when your staff is handling the system’s operation.

The training staff will leave your office after the first week, but the TCD trained and certified Ultrasound Sonographer will remain. They are responsible for administering the tests to those patients your provider has deemed as qualified to receive the test.

The first three months is deemed the “Onboarding Period”>   During this phase you should expect scheduled calls and visits from your national HealthxMD team to ensure an effective and efficient integration of the testing platform.  

Beginning in month four, you will expect your designated Practice Development Manager to establish a visit/call schedule that fits into your needs.  This will include a planned monthly HealthxMD Report Card review to determine the top areas that are working well and what areas may still be enhanced. 

Yes, when HealthxMD began, considerable dollars were spent on the services offered to ensure compliance with Safe Harbor, Stark, and Patient Brokering guidelines.  A review by reputable healthcare law firms such as Arnold & Porter, Mateer & Harbert, and The Chapman Law Group are completed annually to protect the integrity of the service agreements as well as the clinical value of the program.

Transcranial Doppler diagnostic testing is a well established tool that has been used for patient care since the early 1980’s, primarily in a hospital setting, and is now enjoying a rebirth in a more clinically-focused location to address our ever-aging population that desires to live longer, active, and healthier lives.

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