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Did you know Medical Doctors offer quality-of-life diagnostic tests to those patients seen that may be at risk for stroke, cardiovascular event or certain types of ophthalmic disease with no upfront costs with HealthxMD’s comprehensive Transcranial Doppler (TCD) testing platform?

You can now impact the quality-of-life and experience for the patients meeting medical necessity.

HealthxMD is a third-party diagnostic service provider. We will integrate TCD diagnostic testing in your office with no upfront costs.

Everything from Certified Ultrasound Sonographers to equipment and program support staff are provided by HealthxMD. You do not have to do any extra work other than serving those patients with the same quality of care delivered every day in your clinic.

Our mission is to help you promote a quality-of-vision and quality-of- life for the patients you see on a daily basis.

TCD testing is a safe, noninvasive ultrasound diagnostic technology. It measures the velocity of blood flow, or pulsatility, in the major arteries of the brain inclusive of the ophthalmic artery. The test is appropriate for patients meeting medical necessity. Some conditions of patients who may qualify to have TCD ordered by their physician are:

  • TIA, CVA, and OVA
  • Neurological vascular disorders
  • Ophthalmic ischemia
  • Ophthalmic occlusion
  • Detection of intracranial arteriosclerosis
  • Detection of embolization
  • Stroke
  • Glaucoma, especially normal-tension glaucoma

Transcranial Doppler can show warning signs of stroke, glaucoma, and other conditions. TCD testing usually takes no more than twenty minutes and you get the results within two to three days of the test.

For patients with elevated measurements, the study results will be expedited with results being sent within 24 hours.

HealthxMD has a national team of clinical and healthcare business professionals that will work to integrate certified ultrasound sonographers into the practice as an extension of the existing clinical staff.

Upon execution of the HealthxMD Equipment and Lease Agreement, a comprehensive integration and onboarding process will be deployed resulting in a streamlined diagnostic resource consistent with the quality of care your patients experience routinely.

The HealthxMD employed certified ultrasound sonographer and support staff work for our clients to service the needs of our ordering physicians with the goal of delivering a high-quality diagnostic service for those patients who may be at risk of a life altering event.

Integrating and implementing TCD testing into your practice is simple. The HealthxMD team has developed a detailed integration and onboarding process that ensures a professional, straightforward approach consistent with your current patient dynamic.

We provide the staffing, technicians, training, and technology. A PDM and CDM will be assigned to the practice as an ongoing resource from contract execution through the entirety of the contracted period. Every aspect of the patient experience is reviewed and enhanced routinely by HealthxMD, There is also a patient verification specialist team that will review patient charts to identify patients with qualifying medical conditions defined by the provider and may have a TCD ordered.

Aging patients see their eye doctor more than any other doctor, which puts you in a unique position. You can promote quality-of-vision, quality of care, and quality-of-life all in your office.

TCD helps you diagnose developing eye conditions and more extreme conditions earlier than usual. If nothing else, TCD testing enables you to get your patients thinking about their own health.

You will not need to hire additional staff or purchase more equipment. HealthxMD provides everything you need to give your existing patients better medical care.

TCD was developed in the early 1980’s and was primarily used in a hospital setting. Stroke and cardiovascular disease are amongst the highest costs to our healthcare system as well as to patients. The impact on our patients and their families is seen daily for those who experience these life altering events.

There has been a repositioning and revival of TCD over the last decade as our patients are aging, living longer, and expecting an active quality of life. An independent survey by a major optical lens manufacturer of several insurance carriers identified that from age 45 and up, a patient will see an eye care provider two to three times more per year than any other medical service provider. Thus, the opportunity to impact both quality-of-vision and of life in an ophthalmic clinic becomes a very tangible service for our patients.

HealthxMD and its ophthalmic leadership team developed their service platform with input from practice industry leaders, regulatory, compliance and coding experts, as well as formal program reviews from leading national healthcare law firms. This effort has resulted in a program with an emphasis on clinical benefit and quality-of-care for the 10%-15% of patients seen daily that will meet medical necessity determined by the ophthalmic provider.

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