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It is important to always put patients first, but what can your practice offer that those patients are not already receiving? This is where HealthxMD comes in. We are enhancing the care your patients already receive with expanded quality-of-life diagnostic testing service. 

How Does HealthxMD Work?

HealthxMD is a third-party diagnostic service provider developed by healthcare professionals for doctors. When you choose HealthxMD, you are provided a comprehensive diagnostic platform in your practice with no upfront costs. 

Our primary diagnostic service is Transcranial Doppler testing.  TCD is a form of diagnostic testing that helps identify patients who may be at risk of stroke or cardiovascular event. In certain specialties such as ophthalmology, TCD can also identify patients with possible early low-tension glaucoma that other diagnostic tests may not detect.

If it sounds like TCD testing is one more thing your practice will need to handle, it is not. Offering this to your patients is hands-off, allowing your practice and your providers to keep operating as usual. This means you are able to continue caring for your patients without referring them out by providing a quality-of-life services which will exceed your patients’ expectations.

Why Choose HealthxMD

There are many advantages of choosing HealthxMD and offering your patients the access to Transcranial Doppler testing. TCD testing contributes to overall quality-of-life resources for patients being seen every day.

Choosing HealthxMD is not about getting more patients. It is about expanding the diagnostic services for patients being seen routinely in your clinic. In some instances, a patient may be in your practice two to three times per year. In certain specialties such as ophthalmology 10% – 15% of the patients seen daily will have medical histories consistent with risk of potential life changing events.

Think of HealthxMD as an extension of your practice. We will work for you and provide the resources needed to support Transcranial Doppler testing, including:

Under your direction, the HealthxMD team will support your staff and Providers with all tasks necessary to ensure a quality experience for your patients.

HealthxMD is Transforming the Patient Experience

Healthcare is constantly changing and HealthxMD is transforming the field by supporting the business of medicine. Patient benefits are essential, and that’s why our program has been vetted by leading national healthcare law firms.  HealthxMD completes an annual legal review of their service agreements to ensure compliance with any government changes to Safe Harbor, Stark and Patient Brokering Guidelines.

We are putting the patient first by giving more patients access to the medical services they need.

Your patients trust you.  Many have multiple appointments per year and as medical providers, our physician clients have an opportunity to promote an expanded quality-of-care!  Statistics show that stroke and/or cardiovascular disease impacts a significant portion of our adult population.  No matter what TCD testing shows, your patients that meet medical necessity can make life changes that contributes to a better quality-of-health and lifestyle.

Ready to learn more about HealthxMD and the value TCD testing could bring to your practice? Contact HealthxMD now!

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